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Is Plan C for Me?

If "Plan A" was not to get pregnant… "Plan B" was to use birth control… then what exactly is "Plan C?"

A recent marketing strategy for abortion providers is to call the combo of drugs used for abortion “Plan C.” This is simply a rebranding technique to attract new customers. But we’ve found many of the people who’ve been targeted by “Plan C” advertisements are quite confused about the product they are buying.

What should you know before taking “Plan C”: Your health. Your rights. Your options.

Your health. The FDA has studied and specified the criteria for being able to take abortion pills. The goal of these limitations is to decrease as many health risks to the mother as possible. A specially qualified doctor is required to meet with her, assess her pregnancy, complete an ultrasound and health history to rule out complications, and follow the guidelines for prescribing abortion pills.

At Resource Health, your health and safety are important to us! We offer appointments and walk-ins five days a week. We will meet with you one-on-one to provide a free consultation. We will confirm your pregnancy, calculate how far along you may be, and provide you with a list of doctors in your area who see pregnant women. We have trained nurses on staff who can review your health history and provide a limited OB ultrasound or referral to an area clinic if you need medical care.

Your rights. The FDA has warned against websites advertising mail-order abortion medications for sale. These overseas companies are making a lot of money marketing “Plan C” and abortion pills to anyone willing to pay. They don’t follow the legal parameters or offer personal health care that is meant to ensure safety and accuracy. Some websites even encourage lying if a customer suffers bad side effects or needs to go to the ER after taking their illegal pills.

Do you know your rights? Every state in the US has specific laws regarding abortion in their state. Abortion providers and clinics are required to meet all the safety standards defined by their jurisdiction. Women are not to be treated as just a number or rushed through an abortion procedure.

Your options. The misleading assumption behind “Plan C” is that when pregnancy was unintended, the next step is always abortion. If you find yourself reeling after a positive test and questioning what to do next, we are here to help. At Resource Health, you’ll find compassionate care that is focused on you as an individual. We want to hear your unique story and needs. We will tailor each of our free services to your specific situation. Come meet with us today.

There should be no form of manipulation around your decision regarding your pregnancy. This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. You deserve honest answers to your questions with personalized support…not to be the next target of a catchy marketing scheme.


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