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Pregnancy Resource Center Myths

The world is full of opposing views. Turn on any show, hop on any social media platform, or drive down the street on the lookout for yard signs and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, when it comes to places like Resource Health and other Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), we’re no exception. I’ve heard some extremely opposing opinions when it comes to views of PRCs. If you have come across anyone who has strong negative opinions about PRCs, there may be good reasons for it. Not all of them operate the same, and I’m not going to try to speak for them all. But I can speak for Resource Health and the real people who work here. Sometimes it’s good to just air out the dirty laundry, let a strong breeze in, and just blow all the misconceptions and dirt away. I’d love to take a little time and clear up any confusion. Here are four common myths about PRCs.

1. Myth: "They only care about the baby"

If I were to sit down across from you at one of our centers, I wouldn’t ask you your baby’s name, I would ask yours. I wouldn’t make eye contact with your baby, I would look at you. I wouldn’t ask your baby questions, I would listen to your story, your questions, and your concerns. I would ask you questions as well. How are you feeling about being pregnant? What kind of relationship do you have with the father of the baby? Do you have any immediate needs? What decisions are you working through, and what are you considering? Although we deeply care for your baby by supporting your health and well-being, it all begins with you.

2. Myth: "They are 'fake medical clinics' and don’t offer real professional help"

All Resource Health centers are staffed with licensed medical professionals, AKA real nurses, as well as trained non-medical staff. Our nurses come from professional experiences and backgrounds. Before beginning at Resource Health, they had jobs in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Jobs like: ER Nurse, Cardiac Nurse, Pediatric ER, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, NICU Nurse, and others. Our entire organization is overseen by a Medical Advisory Board made up of medical physicians. We take the healthcare of our clients very seriously, and by no means are we pretending to be medical professionals. When we use the word “nurse” or “doctor” that’s exactly what we mean, and that’s exactly what you get.

3. Myth: "They only give misinformation about abortion"

The information we provide about abortion is based on research, statistics, and facts. I promise you, we aren’t making up our own abortion or pregnancy facts. We use reputable sources to provide you with the most relevant and accurate information. Because we see so many clients who are considering abortion, we are always gaining new information about the changes in the abortion industry. We freely share with men and women the different types of abortion they could anticipate if that were their choice. We talk about the impact and importance of care after an abortion as well. We don’t refer or perform abortions, but we do provide education and information to those considering or wanting an abortion. We believe all men and women should be confident in their pregnancy decisions, and we know accurate information is a key component of that confidence.

4. Myth: "Their services are manipulative to coerce women into choosing life"

When I sit down across from a client, my first goal is to understand. That doesn’t change based on your background, current situation, or intentions. No matter who you are, I want to listen intently so I can affirm and care for you. I’ve yet to meet a woman who wanted an abortion simply because she liked the idea of it. There’s always a reason. Most women simply don’t feel ready at this point in life to have a child. Maybe they’re in college or just landed a new job and feel like having a baby would be a huge setback to their goals and plans. Some women share that they don’t want to add stress to an already stressful situation. Some are still in high school and want to finish their own teenage years, while others are in their late 30s or early 40s and can’t imagine starting over with an infant again. Some are in abusive relationships. Some are homeless. Some don’t want their religious parents to know they’ve had sex, and some are told by others that abortion is their only option. These are all real and challenging things to carry and walk through. We want women to feel heard and supported. We are sensitive to the needs and stories of our clients, not so they’ll make a specific choice, but because we want them to walk away feeling like they received excellent care.

What Resource Health clients are saying:

“I had a great experience, the staff was very welcoming and professional. They have a lot of resources.”

“They made me feel very welcomed!! I was so nervous and scared and they were here for me! The staff is good at making you feel comfy and answers any questions you have quickly and completely honest.”

“Rachel House (Resource Health) is absolutely amazing. This is my second time going to them for help & getting the results I absolutely needed to get. I appreciate their help more than they know.”

“They are extremely helpful for mothers who are in need of services for free.”


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