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Abortion Information

We inform, you decide.



There are several types of abortion procedures. The abortion pill, also known as medical (or chemical) abortion, or "Plan C," is available for use up to 70 days after last menstrual period (LMP). All other types of abortion are surgical. To discuss abortion procedures with a licensed medical professional, schedule an appointment with us today.


There are several factors that determine the cost of an abortion. Some of those factors are the length of pregnancy, geographic region, medication needed, and procedure type.

Know Your Rights

Protecting your health and your legal rights is your responsibility.

Know the Risks

Far from safe, so-called “self-managed abortions” leave women completely on their own through a days-long process.

Be aware that some abortion service organizations do benefit financially from your decision. Be sure to educate yourself on the specific organization as you engage their services. Resource Health exists only to serve you and does not financially profit from any choice you make. Resource Health neither performs nor refers for abortions.


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