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Finding out you're pregnant can raise a lot of questions

At our FREE Mom Strong classes, not only will you find answers, but you'll also find EMPOWERMENT & CONFIDENCE!

If you just found out you're pregnant, you might feel anxious, confused, upset...

That's completely normal. Finding out you're going to be a mom can be a lot to process. You're not a bad person for feeling that way. You're also not alone. A lot of women feel the same.

All you need are the right tools to be a great mom.

Our team can give you those tools. We've helped hundreds of women just like you go from anxious, confused, and upset to empowered & courageous.


Over the past 30 years, we've helped THOUSANDS of women just like you become Mom Strong!

You don't have to feel overwhelmed!

Get the tools you need to strengthen your relationships

Learn practical steps to be able to provide for your loved ones

Gain useful insights into what it means to be Mom Strong

What Clients Say

"I met with Kasey for Mom Strong classes. She was really helpful, informative, and willing to work with me. I found great support here. The staff are friendly and ready to help whenever they're asked!"

Here's how it works...

Step #1:
Make Appointment

Schedule your initial appointment via phone or website.

Step #2:
Pregnancy Test Visit

Confirm pregnancy & discuss next steps

Step #3:

First Trimester Ultrasounds

*All ultrasounds are scheduled at the discretion of our nurses after receiving a positive pregnancy test at one of our four locations.

Community resources & referrals to achieve goals as a mom

Step #4:
Resource Appointment

Step #5:
Mom Strong Classes

Receive continued support throughout your pregnancy, build confidence as a mom, find a community of moms supporting each other, and get equipped & empowered for your baby's arrival!


(816) 921-5050

Resource Health Services

Administrative Offices: 

1260 NE Windsor Drive

Lee's Summit, MO 64086


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