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3 Questions for Empowered Choice

All of life is about choices. Some choices are matters of preference and don't seem to impact our lives noticeably. Other choices undeniably change our lives.

When someone experiences a pregnancy they weren't planning, it can be stressful. And stress can impair our decision-making. It can be challenging to think through all the implications of our choices when we're anxious and overwhelmed.

That's why it's essential to pause and prepare before you proceed. To help you do this, here are three questions to help you make a truly empowered decision.

1. "What are my options?"

This question may seem obvious, but when someone is stressed or anxious, the default reaction is to go with their first idea rather than the one that's truly best for them. It's crucial to stop and consider the possibilities.

Though sometimes overlooked, it is worthwhile to consider parenting and adoption options. Resource Health has professional staff who look forward to exploring all your options with you to help you make an empowered decision.

2. "How could my future look?"

Pressure makes us think about the here and now. But what if you paused to consider how your future may look if you go another route?

An unplanned pregnancy can seem daunting. Abortion may seem like a short-term solution but can have long-term consequences. Given time and thought, it's worth considering all options.

3. "Do I feel like I have a choice?"

Many who consider themselves champions for choice only present one choice—which, ironically, takes away all other options.

So many times, a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy feels like abortion is the only way out. But a genuinely empowered choice requires that you be the one to decide and aren't coerced into a decision that isn't best for you.

Resource Health is here to empower you with information. To make an appointment to explore your options, visit our Booking page or call us at (816) 921-5050.

We're on your team!


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