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Plan C: Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Have you ever ordered a product online, only to find you didn’t get what you expected when it arrives? The color was changed, the brand was faked, or the quality was cheap.

During this year’s pandemic, some companies are promoting illegal, online abortion medication orders more than ever. But what is really being delivered?

Recent advertising campaigns have created a new slogan for medical abortions, called Plan C. Ads show modern women dressed in trendy outfits that smile under perfectly styled hair and tell you how easy their at-home abortion was. Convenient, fast, and private are the usual taglines. But what exactly are they selling?

Swallowing, injecting, or inserting chemicals into the body to cause an abortion are far from new ideas. In fact, mifepristone (RU-486) and misoprostol, have been used for decades as drugs to cause abortion. And for decades, these medicines have been highly regulated to ensure their safe, legal use in the United States.

What should you expect from an abortion provider? A qualified physician is required to meet with each woman in person to confirm a healthy pregnancy, rule out complications, and determine whether she qualifies for a medication-induced abortion. This visit should be unhurried and without pressure. She is to be given time to ask any questions she has. And told what to expect, the potential risks to her and her preborn child, and what symptoms to watch for if something goes wrong. If the woman decides to take the medication, it is prescribed and given in person at the doctor’s office. Then a two-week follow-up appointment should be scheduled.

The goal of these guidelines and laws is to protect women. So that no one is tricked, forced, or manipulated into going through an abortion they are unsure of. Or experiencing pain, bleeding, and long-lasting effects no one warned them about. Or emotional trauma they weren’t anticipating.

The term “Plan C” is a re-branding effort to increase sales of abortion medications. Some women report feeling uneasy about going through a surgical abortion procedure, especially if they or someone they know have had a bad experience in the past. That’s where Plan C marketing comes in to promise the impossible: an “easy” abortion.

If you have questions about abortion, Plan C, or pregnancy, we would love to meet with you. Please schedule an appointment to come in and meet with one of our staff members today. Our goal is to give you the time and information you need to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

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