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Should I Keep It a Secret?

Panic sets in.

You've just taken a pregnancy test and, for the first time, learned there's a tiny human growing inside you.

You pick up the phone to text your best friend, but something stops you.

You think to yourself, What will she think? Who else will find out? Maybe I'll just keep it to myself. I could just have an abortion. No one will ever have to know.

Many women find themselves in these difficult moments. "I'm pregnant. Now what?" Or, "I just had an abortion and don't know what to do now."

It is tempting to keep it to yourself, thinking you're better off if no one knows, and figure it out yourself.

Pregnancy can be a hard road to walk, and most women find having someone to walk alongside them makes a world of difference.

Likewise, abortion can be even more challenging when you carry the emotional effects alone.

"Keeping secrets causes emotional distress depending on its nature and sensitivity. It can trigger depression, anxiety, and poor overall personal health. To maintain secrecy, it must be on constant guard not to… reveal itself, which causes stress."[1]

Bottom line? Talk to someone.

Humans are designed for exchange. We all have a deep-seated need to give and receive love, to show and experience care for one another.

A secret abortion can seem like an easy solution for an unexpected pregnancy. Still, many women experience deep pain, shame, and devastation. You don't have to go through any of it alone.

I don't know whether you have a trusted friend or loved one, but you have us. Our professional staff would love to hear your story, listen to how you're feeling, and walk with you as much as you'll allow.

You don't have to keep it a secret.

We're here for you. We're on your team.



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