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Considering Abortion?

We provide helpful answers & expert guidance so you can carefully consider and navigate the complex landscape of abortion decisions.

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If you are thinking about getting an abortion, you may have questions...

Considering terminating a pregnancy can be overwhelming. It's normal to feel that way. Most women in this situation feel the same.

What you need are answers & clarity.

Resource Health can give you just that. We've helped thousands of women just like you go from uncertain and overwhelmed to empowered and brave.

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Find Answers & clarity

Since 1992, we've helped THOUSANDS of women just like you become empowered & brave!



Empowering Women
Since 1992

You don't have to feel overwhelmed!

Gain the clarity you need to make an informed choice

Discover additional resources to secure your future

Receive ongoing support from our professional team

Client Reviews

"Very nice people. They provided me with pregnancy test in addition to offering an abundance of information and classes, not only for me but my super awesome boyfriend. It was over all a great experience."

Easy as 1-2-3!

Step #1:
Schedule a Consultation

Book a consultation using the 'Book Now' button

Step #2:
Check in when you arrive

Our friendly staff will greet you and check you in

Step #3:
Get Answers & Clarity

You'll be equipped to make an empowered choice

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